Integrative Womb Hara Massage

Integrative Womb Hara Massage Practitioner Training.

“Embodying the Elements Within”

6-day intensive Practitioner certified Training

We invite you to join us for this comprehensive training in Integrative Womb Hara Massage. The womb is the energetic centre of creative life force and feminine energy in the body, where we can birth all of our magical potentials from; whether that is birthing children, projects or ideas, and all that we wish to create in the world. The organs that reside within the abdominal region provide us with the breath of life that regulates the energy and blood of the whole body. The Hara, like the womb, is also a spirit gateway and relates to the energy centres of our solar plexus and sacral chakra. Womb Hara Massage will work to repair, bring balance, restoration to these centres and awaken our creative birthing potential and life force energy.

In this training you will learn:

  • to give a full 2hr treatment
  • Massage techniques for the womb, sacral and abdominal areas
  • Hara diagnosis
  • Intuitive medical massage – to energetically restore and reawaken the womb back into alignment.
  • How to use yoni steaming for the healing and repair of tissues within the womb & reproductive organs.
  • Learn various steam protocols for yourself and your clients.
  • How to work with the womb medicine wheel
  • Ancient technique called Rebozo used to heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual traumas held within the womb space, in all directions of time and space.
  • Soul retrieval of the heart held in the womb.
  • Shamanic Clearing

Massage of the abdominal, sacral and womb areas help to increase the flow of chi, one’s vital life for energy.  It supports the clearing of blockages and stagnant energy held within the tissues of the body while restoring balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.  You will learn how to bring equilibrium to mind, body and spirit with the unique fusion of bodywork, while also guiding your clients to have a deeper awareness and connection to their womb space and all organs held within the abdominal area.

These deeply healing and nourishing techniques are based on both western and eastern philosophies, to include the ancient Chinese Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage.

Areas of focus will be low back, sacral area womb space, reproductive organs, large & small intestines, bladder and more. It is common for these organs, in these regions to stretch and weaken over time, causing what is called a “dropping”.  Over 1/3 of women have some degree of pelvic area prolapse.  While 50% of women in Australia, who have had one or more children have been reported to have some degree of prolapse.  You will learn how to painlessly guide all muscles and tissues back into their proper position, restoring optimal biological structure and function.

Our gut wall houses over 70% of the cells that make up our immune system.  These learned techniques can also benefit those experiencing IBS, Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, shallow breathing and deficiency of our yin energy.  Most people store emotions of fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and worry within the abdominal region.  Feelings of stress, overwhelm, overwork, poor food choices, difficulty sleeping, drugs, poor posture all amplify these negative emotions causing a lower of functionality to the organs held within the abdominal region.

Additional topics to be covered:

  • The creative life force of our womb
  • Energetic Healing
  • Introduction to medical intuitive massage
  • Diagnosis of disease held within the Hara
  • Creating sacred space
  • Somatic trauma release
  • Resourcing tools to bring the nervous system into balance
  • Shamanic Journeying  & Clearing
  • Connecting to our feminine centre and crown
  • Working with tuning forks and the benefits of sound therapy
  • Connecting to the unlimited creative potential within our Womb centre
  • Restoring the energy of the womb to its primal homeostasis.

The benefits of Womb and Hara Integrative Massage can address many of these issues your client’s experience:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Sexual trauma and abuse
  • Menstrual pain and cycle-related challenges
  • Digestive issues such as appetite, constipation, gas and bloating
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica and tightness of the sacrum
  • Organ prolapse
  • Fertility issues caused by mental, emotional and physical reasons
  • Energetic blockages caused by trauma in the body
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Difficulties getting pregnant
  • Pre and post-menopausal
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During this training, you’ll learn to locate and gently release trauma trapped in the tissues of the body.  We will be working with the Womb Medicine Wheel and the Elements, to clear, heal and access the divine wisdom and innate intelligence, held within the feminine blueprint accessing the full creative potential in our centre and crown.

This is a fully certified training. Upon completion of the course and case studies, you will be able to treat clients and start your own sacred vocation and business.

Participants will receive a lovingly crafted comprehensive manual full of resourceful information including easy and clear diagrams of each movement, and all that you need to guide you on your onward vocational journey.

Included in this training we have Lisa Coker who will be teaching Anatomy & Physiology and sharing an introduction to the ancient and sacred feminine practice of Yoni Steaming which is still used today to encourage and assist healing, to bring balance and general well-being to the reproductive organs, pelvic/root tissues, energetic, sexual, and spiritual health of women.

Yoni steaming is an ancient treatment dating back thousands of years and is an age-old remedy that has been used by generations before us. Lisa passionately shares the ritual and ceremonial aspects of yoni steaming and how to cultivate a personal yoni steaming relationship and home practice. She will be presenting information on the historical roots of yoni steaming, sacred earth elements, conscious menstruation, self-care, yoni steaming herbs and blends. She will help you to understand the imbalances in your monthly cycle, and how we can assist ourselves in rebalancing our womb.

We also have Naomi Jansson, A Traditional Medicine Doctor who specialises in Women’s Medicine. Naomi is dedicated to understanding the Traditional Medicine systems left to us by the ancients, she has a devoted lifelong study in Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian Medicine Systems.

From this place, Naomi looks forward to sharing the wisdom of the Hara and Traditional Medicine Philosophy with you. Exploring the ancestral roots of the medicine you will be practising in Womb Hara Massage.

Womb Hara Massage is working into the deepest energy centres of the female body; the Womb “Blood Chamber” and Lower Dantian. Naomi will share some of the ancient technology of moxibustion with us, accessing the most ancient of technologies used by generations of Women to build Qi and Blood, restoring balance and pure Yang in supporting the Womb and fertility.

Natalie is the Founder of The Institute Of Feminine Arts and Integrative Womb Hara Massage. She is a Womb Awakening Teacher and Trainer, dedicated to rebirthing the ancient feminine wisdom in our world today.  She is a Feminine Embodiment teacher and is passionate about re-weaving the sacred marriage of sacred union in men and women, awakening them into their highest potential.  Natalie is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, holding a Diploma in Modern Psychology, Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Emotional Anatomy consultant, Brainworking Recursive Therapist and Trauma Therapist. Natalie specialises in Shamanic Healing and journeying in which she has been practising for 20 years, along with many other healing modalities that create profound change at the level of the unconscious mind.


Integrative Womb Hara Form


” I recently attended the Integrative Womb Hara Massage Practitioner Training course with Natalie and can highly recommend it. Natalie provided a safe and nurturing environment allowing everyone involved to feel at ease with her warm and friendly nature. Natalie was very organised in her approach and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

The guest facilitators Natalie invited to be part of this training, enhanced the whole experience. Natalie and her team have so much wisdom, knowledge and practical experience and shared their modalities with such passion and enthusiasm. I loved how the 3 modalities; Womb Hara Massage with Natalie, Yoni Steaming with Michelle and Medical Intuitive work with Tessa were all so lovingly woven together.

Natalie’s calm and down-to-earth presence combined with her professional and friendly nature allowed me to feel comfortable and at ease right from the moment we met. In my opinion, her in-depth knowledge and experience, quality of work, passion and attention to detail sets her apart from others in her field. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has a desire to work with women to support them on their journey to create more balance and harmony in their lives. Thanks Natalie for all that you bring to our world and for being the light and inspiration that you are for all the women in our community.

Jodie Yamada-Colwell
Sacred Sound and Ceremony Facilitator “

Jodie Yamada-Colwell ~ Tweed Heads, NSW

” Nat is an amazing beautiful woman with a drive to learn how to heal women. She has taken it upon herself to travel the world and absorb so much knowledge from many cultures. I am blessed that Nat is now sharing her knowledge with women who express the same desire to help heal women on the own journey as do I. I have done many courses and would say that this course with Nat is so full of not only a blissful energy, but she also shares an extensive amount of unknown cultural knowledge and techniques. I can not highly recommend this course enough.

Michelle McMurtrie

” I was recently invited to share my knowledge regarding medical intuitive work by Natalie, for her course titled Integrative Womb and Hara Massage. I then decided to undertake her course whilst on the Gold Coast. I cannot express deeply enough the depth and breadth of Nats’ knowledge and insight. In addition, her teaching skill is precise, intelligent, succinct and deeply kind. I loved every aspect of the course, including the wonderful group energy that bloomed over the days. I have worked with Nat for many years and admire how she continues to upskill, expand and evolve.
I highly recommend this course to those who are seeking a very thorough knowledge base, insight and skill set.
Thank you Nat for your absolute dedication and incredible ability to share information in an equal and comfortable way.

Tessa Golding Clarke

” Natalie’s Integrative Womb Hara Massage workshop was far more than I could have dreamed of. Her approach to teaching this beautiful work completely resonated with me and was easy to understand. I gained deeper insight into my own womb space, connecting further with myself. I feel well-prepared in bringing this healing massage to other’s after this training and I am filled with gratitude in having been a part of the workshop. It was truly an amazing experience and completely worth it. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the privilege of being a part of it. Thank you for such an incredible experience. This has shifted so much for me and I feel expansive and open to so many things. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Dani Ibanez

” I went into the integrative Womb Hara massage training feeling a little bit overwhelmed as I had never done any form of bodywork before, but for some reason, I had been drawn to the training and only had registered at the last minute. I am so pleased that I did. I feel I have come out of the training with a better understanding and appreciation for massage. A better understanding of my womb space. This was a powerful and empowering experience. Nat made me feel so loved and nurtured from the very first moment I walked into this sacred space. All my fears just dropped away. Nat made the whole process so much easier. I felt held and in a safe place for me to explore this new experience, which allowed me to do some deep emotional healing work on myself. Something that I had forgotten about and had neglected over years of abuse and trauma. I felt safe to let my walls down and accept the love that was surrounding me from the sacred sisterhood. In this week I truly had an awakening journey. One that I am truly grateful for. Nat is such a genuinely beautiful soul, I’m glad that our paths crossed and I got to experience the magic of this remarkable women. I highly recommend this training.
I cannot express how grateful I am for this truly awakening journey. The training and facilitators that you have coordinated blended so well. To be able to have all these in the one week has been so special. You have guided and motivated me to delve into this new journey so much more empowered to give back and to continue to guide our young women to have that connection to oneself on a much deeper level. Now with a knowing that there is so much more that we as women can give to ourselves. Thank you for allowing me to experience this beautiful modality that you so wonderfully hold. I went in not knowing anything about it. You truly are an amazing guiding light.
Maxine x

Maxine Johnson

” Deep, deep, deep gratitude to you and your beautiful, wise teachings!
I thoroughly enjoyed my training to become a Womb Hara Massage Practitioner. I discovered so much about myself and my own womb space. I feel beyond grateful to be able to share this incredible offering with other women!

Nat’s approach to teaching is intuitive, professional and relaxed whilst still delivering so much knowledge about the body physically and emotionally. I loved learning all of the modalities. I felt so held and safe during the course.
Thank you again!

Lots of Love,

Amanda McMeekin

” I lay there wondering what else could be hidden in the body that wants to make itself known to me, what else could possibly be obstructed from my internal sight. My practitioner holds me in such sacred embrace for my divine feminine and I feel instantly at peace knowing deep healing is about to occur. This energy held throughout the entire course, reflected in each participant who dives straight into Nat’s teaching of the sacred art of abdo-sacro massage allowing each participant to return home confident to support clients through fertility and trauma release. Excellent, broad range of knowledge and skills.

Thank you

Zora Arthur ~ QLD, Australia

” Dearest Nat, A thank you is not enough, it is more a deep gratitude for taking me on this amazing journey into my body, my hara, my womb. For encouraging me to step fully into the best version of myself to be able to help other women finding their own sacred place deep within the womb, to feel, to release, to create and more so nurture themselves.
Your training was one of the best I experienced.

It was delivered professionally with so much knowledge and wisdom. Throughout the course you held us safe and loved.
It was so easy to recognise that being a strong woman never means taking away tenderness, gentleness and compassion.
I am so looking forward to carrying on with such a profound modality and are forever grateful for your teachings.
Much love, Ivana “

Ivana Slobodonik ~ ASE

” Nat’s Womb Hara Massage course was a beautiful week of deep womb connection and a reminder of the sacredness of our womb space and her power. I left feeling so FULL with practical knowledge, skills and wisdom to share with myself and my community.

Thank you Nat,

Lisa Coker

Lisa Coker

” I feel so honoured and grateful for being called to this incredible course with Nat. I feel so connected to my womb and feminine energy. I have found my calling to integrate all that I have learnt on this course and share it with the world.

Erin Leveridge

March 20, 2021

” I feel so full and happy! This course has been so beautiful and nurturing.
Nat and her co-facilitators are all gifted practitioners and all provide potent teachings. I didn’t want to leave after finishing the 6-day intensive, it was so beautiful to sit in circle with amazing women every day. I would recommend this course to every woman. It’s such powerful and important medicine needed in our world today.

Thank you Nat,
Ash, QLD x

Ashley Quinn

” I am very grateful to have completed this amazing course. The content, wisdom and knowledge has been next to none.
Not only did I meet amazing women, I learnt so much about myself and my powerful Womb. I cant thank you enough Nat for opening me up to this whole new world of Womb Wellness.

Melissa Pearcey

” The Institute Of Feminine Arts Integrative Womb Hara Massage training was nothing short of transformational!
Nat created such a potent container for diving into Womb Wisdom and healing. I felt so supported by the facilitators and I am grateful to have trained with such a diverse and powerful group of women. I feel blessed to have had such an incredible learning and embodiment experience.

Thank you!

Grace Devoy ~ NSW

” Deep feminine remembrance is how I would describe the 6-day intensive Womb Hara Massage Course. Reconnecting to the sacredness of our own feminine bodies, and how to heal ourselves and other sisters through touch and intention is what Nat teaches us through this incredible modality she has created. It is a very deep and transformational technique that is highly unique. Nat is a beautiful teacher who is truly embodied and well studied in feminine wisdom traditions and all kinds of body mind spirit modalities. We were also so blessed to have other women health experts come and share their wisdom of complimentary yoni steaming and traditional Hara moxibustion. I feel so enlivened to share this technique with my clients and loved ones.
Thank you dear sister xx “

Camille Sherer


” The training was fantastic! Nat, you are a great communicator, you have warmth and compassion and it’s obvious you love what you do and are wanting to contribute and strengthen the sisterhood. Thank you for creating such a beautiful course and for generously giving so much of your time outside of the course in answering questions and helping us find accommodation, getting to the course etc. I absolutely LOVED the training. “

Marina Ilijoska


” As a woman, and a woman who absolutely loves being a woman and has no desire to take on the masculine ideals encouraged in todays society, I struggle to navigate a heart led business in a very linear, patriarchal world where to achieve this you must do 1, 2 and 3 in that order.

I have created a life over the past 2 years where I work and play in accordance to my cycle, this has been huge. But with my business, I still struggle with how to do that in a way that is authentic to me, but also participating in the modern world.

The Womb Hara training, in a weird and wonderful way, has given me this confidence in how I show up as Cara as well an in my business. I feel so much more aligned with how I speak to clients, how I guide them, the way I speak and what I offer… Before this training, it was an absolute mess inside my head. Conflicting ideals of how to run a ‘successful’ business, what that meant, while still respecting the ebb and flow of being a human. 

I feel that all manner of things come from the training, and the massage itself. So thank you, its really helped me tremendously.

Lots of love
Cara “