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“My experience at the Womb Awakening Retreat is one I will never forget, full of gifts to myself and to the people close to me, some which have revealed themselves already and some which i feel are still to come. It was a week full of beauty, exploration, sensuality, confrontation, revelations, grace, sisterhood, wisdom and magic. The energy and the connection is so profound i don’t feel there are words to describe. You really do have to experience the mystery of the feminine. It can’t be told, or strategised. I found it amazing to discover is that there is so much embodied inside of you, you only have to connect to it.

Nat is such a joy. When i think of her that is how i feel. We connected before the retreat and she helped to reassure my apprehensions about trying something completely new to me. She is loving, warm, full of energy and vitality. There is nothing she would not help with if you were ever to need her. She is also incredible at guiding shamanic journeys. Her voice weaves beautifully with sound to take you where you need to go. Nat is an incredible force of shining light with the substance of inner knowing and wisdom behind her eyes. A true Priestess.

Jacqui is gentle and loving. During the retreat she shared a lot of her own journey which made me feel at ease and connected to the feminine in all of us, the collective pleasure and pain. She helped me realise that a woman’s sensitivities are also her strength. There is something very special about the way Jacqui and Nat work together. A beautiful union that held each one of us perfectly.”

Hannah Allan, UK


“I came HOME on this retreat. It was a deep process of REMEMBERING. Walking back into the temple space I had spent so many lifetimes priestessing in… being with my sisters here again… it instantly brought me to tears as I was anointed and welcomed. The whole week was SO EPICALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. Since then a huge chunk of my programming has unravelled. 2 months on I’m still moving through the huge work and discoveries that were made here.

I’ve never felt so held, supported, and safe in a retreat space before. This work is super deep and needs a really safe container to be fully respected and truly embodied and this was the most nurturing, loving, and true container for the feminine that I’ve experienced. Thank you, gorgeous goddesses.

Nat was such a warm, soft, nurturing energy from the moment I arrived at the accommodation. She is a PHENOMENAL space holder, and such a calm, clear presence. She brings such acceptance to the whole room, and it’s so easy to feel fully seen and heard by her. Her wisdom, knowledge, and love of the feminine is clearly felt and is a joy to be guided by her into the mysteries. Jaq is a beautifully calm grounded guide into the feminine. She feels like an anchor and you know that as a facilitator she has you, no matter the depth you are journeying into. Her warmth and heart is such a help when moving through the sometimes uncomfortable but so beautiful waters of this journey. Thank you both for a delicious, completely transformational, loving, true and authentic, and divine dive into the temple of the feminine arts. So grateful to journey with you both. All my love always.”

Allyce Martins, Australia

“This blessed Womb Awakening journey, held in the wild feminine land of Bali, brought me to a deep and powerful connection with my womb gnosis, and ultimately changed me in a way that is impossible to describe in words. Throughout the seven days, I felt a colossal shift in my experience of being a woman, into embodying my innate femininity and masculinity in balanced, wombic ALL-ness. I experienced the true nature of sisterhood, and found some of the deepest and most potent connections with the rooted womb sisters who shared this journey alongside me.

Our wonderful facilitators, Nat and Jacqui, beautifully interwove their individual teachings, knowledge and offerings. These amazing women held space in a deeply tender and magical way, sharing their own journeys, truths, and vulnerabilities in a way that felt non-hierarchical.

The retreat is structured to combine feminine spirals of experiential learning with deep theory, and beautiful ancient feminine womb practises. It is a true moon-womb mystery school – a method of re-learning and re-membering what is so innately feminine. This program in Bali changed my life – my eternal gratitude to ALL the womb sisters who, in their deepest love, guidance, authenticity and acceptance, know not the strength and wisdom they bestowed upon me… NVB”

Nicola Vella, UK

“I attended the most recent Womb Awakening Retreat in Bali, and feel absolutely blessed to have been guided through one of the most powerful, potent, love-filled weeks of my life! Nat + Jaq created and held a beautiful, safe container for all of us to explore some of our deepest traumas, whilst continually returning us to Love! Everything about this retreat was perfectly planned, well executed and thought out.

I especially loved the combination between theory, practical and ceremony. The week felt like one big ritual, a true gift of guidance. Infused with Goddess energy, womb awakening practises and sacred sisterhood. I am deeply grateful for this experience and cannot wait to continue learning from Nat + Jaq in the future. I also loved the way these two women work together – so complimentary!”

Toyah Hicks: NZ

“Oh my! Where to even start. This retreat was exactly what I always dreamt of finding and more. I feel like I stepped into a whole new world that had been waiting for me all this life and I finally feel like I have made it home. A deep remembering of all the wisdom that both Natalie and Jaqi shared. The retreat was incredible. We dived deep into the ancient feminine practices and all students, teachers and assistants came together in a beautiful loving and supportive way.

Natalie has such wisdom and personal experience which was so powerful to witness and learn through. Jaqi has such grounded wisdom and love for this path that seeped into all our hearts. I am so grateful to have both Natalie and Jaqi as teachers, mentors and friends. This is such an exciting time in my life and I am so looking forward to what unfolds as I walk this priestess path and share this wisdom with the world when the time is right.”

Mikala Maloney, Australia 

“The retreat delivers excellent theoretical material and accompanies the practical experience in a good way. Very respectful of the intimacy of each woman at the same time as challenging for each one to explore further. The teachers work very coordinated and in harmony what is appreciated when delivering the foundations in a unique vision. The work of the facilitators was also a great help to maintain energy and harmony. Since I expressed my intention to attend the “Womb Awakening” retreat, I received an excellent response from Nat, she gave me all the necessary information, quickly and completely answered all my questions, supporting and solving all my needs. During the retreat I was able to interact a little more with Nat who was always available and open to answer all my questions. Her way of delivering the contents was always clear and well-founded. Her personal experience was delivered as an excellent support to exemplify the most practical part.

Despite my difficulties in understanding Australian English, I was able to understand what was necessary, and there was always a willingness to repeat and clarify from the teachers the contents that were not understood. Both Nat and Jacqui have an excellent relationship and make an incredible team, they are slightly different and extremely complementary.

Personally I felt welcomed in all my needs and expressions. Reconnect with my feminine space, listen and resonate with everything that has been contained for years in the womb. Accessing Womb is undoubtedly a great healing for the woman and a rebirth with strength and clarity. I recommend that every woman whatever their age be given the opportunity to reconnect with their Womb as a source of inner wisdom. The world needs awakening women!!”

Renata Cavalli, Chille

“Attending the Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat in Bali in April 2018, was a life changing experience. I still find it hard to put it really in words because its beyond this level of consciousness. I had no expectations and I trusted that I am going as a receiver and what will unfold will be in Divine timing that I need to learn to surrender to and allow. So this is what I am still learning and I keep celebrating myself and reminding myself that I am healing. I experienced for the first time in my life during the retreat, how safe, warm, sensual and welcome I felt surrounded by all those amazing women. it just felt being reborn over and over again through this cosmic womb, held in the unconditional love and space of Divine Mother, where its safe to just BE. It was heartwarming over and over again, to just feel held and be accepted in whatever process i was going through, without the need to explain, just to feel safe to let go. But also to speak up and share in other times, without feeling judged or misunderstood, just being this Free Spirit in All Who I Am.  I felt I could just stay in this space forever. Often after I returned, I reconnect with this energy, to feel held and loved during the process. it was more of a dream for me but yet I know today that it was reality and its only the beginning.

Nat has been my mentor on this Womb Awakening Teacher Program, which started in January 2018. I remember back in October 2017, when I checked out the FOL website to connect with mentors, her picture was the first one that called me to read her description/biography. I knew that she is my mentor in this moment. It was a Divine direction truly. During the retreat, I felt shy to connect with her deeply outside the sessions, because I realized later then, that this is how we were raised in Germany, to keep this distance from our teachers. I would just watch her and listen to her during the retreat and feel “Wow, she is this presence of unconditional love and beauty”. I felt grateful that God guided me to choose her as my mentor, that I know is not only for this teacher program. Connecting more and more with her journey and what she shares, I feel how much I am excited to learn from her. She always holds me in the space of love and acceptance. Even when she doesnt have the answers, I am searching for in this moment, she always succeeds in comforting me with her answers. She truly knows how to hold the space with love and passion, so natural and unconditional, yet with healthy boundaries that flows so smoothly.”

Sarah Moussa, Egypt

“The retreat in Bali was so magical and deeply nourishing on every level from the beautiful tropical gardens, the comfy beds, the yummy food in the pavilion overlooking the ocean to our amazing temple space. The support and guidance of Jacqui and Nat allowed the  group to dive deep into our being and emerge renewed full of love, passion and purpose. By the end of the retreat I was full of wonder and gratitude for the teachings and hope for the future.

Nat embodies the feminine teachings she offers with love, compassion and understanding. She has many skills and can support you on your journey of womb awakening through darkness and light and the bits in between. Jacquie is a guiding light of embodied feminine wisdom. Her passion for life and as a seeker of truth is contagious and there is always a sparkle of humour in all she offers”

Karen Oakley, Australia

“From the arrival to our closing ceremony there was a mist of magic permeating the surroundings, we were held by the ancestors and welcome by the “keepers” of the land.  Bali is such a powerful Island that holds so much primordial power and wisdom, where beauty and fertility is honored in every corner.  The retreat was held in a beautiful sea site hotel where the beauty and fertility in nature vibrates the feminine nectars. The entire 7 days there I felt held in the field of  womb consciousness, the staff at the venue were very kind and attentions, the venue was the perfect place to surrender to the power, pleasure and beauty in nature.

Nat and Jacqui are amazing facilitators of the Womb Wisdom and Mysteries, they embody the work and they teach from a heart and womb space. They are devoted to anchoring this wisdom back on Earth, with playfulness, softness, pleasure, devotion, love, bliss and wildness. Their energy are a perfect match of the cosmic & primordial wisdom, the perfect soil for transformation and the awakening of the wisdom within the womb and heart. I feel so honored and grateful participating in this Teacher Training, I’m forever changed after this retreat and being in the presence of Jacqui and Nat has really activated something very soft and powerful within me.

Nat’s passionate devotion to the feminine mysteries is deeply felt in the way she teaches and holds the space throughout the retreat. She embodies the ancient feminine wisdom, with her presence she guides us to embrace the temple of the feminine arts that lives within each one of us. Nat teaches with the purity of her heart and the wild power of her womb, she is vulnerable and playful, she is sensitive and wise holding a soft yet very powerful field of possibilities and transformation in the feminine dimension.

Jacqui holds the wisdom of the Earth in her body, her eyes are deep doorways of the feminine mysteries, she holds a grounded space where I felt safe and loved to surrender to the field of transformation. She is kind and gentle, she holds the flame of the feminine in a deep and vulnerable way. She facilitates this powerful work from an embodiment space, her devotion to this path is palpable in the way she conducts the retreat and openly shared her personal experiences.”

Nicole Popper Katzender, Italy

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“It is an unforgettable experience to immerse in The Temple of the Feminine Arts leaded by Nat and Jaq. All the chantings, dancings and ceremonies during the process, let me connect back to my womb’s heartbeat and Mother Earth’s heartbeat, I felt the connection with my spiritual mother, Gaia and embodied the vibration of my Divine Feminine Linage.

Such a strong sisterhood energy connected between Nat and Jaq and surrounded during the retreat, all of us are well connected as a Divine Feminine Community. With a profound experience of shamanic and healing, Nat brought us healing and transformational energy and Jaq has very beautiful soft power, we went through a beautiful, gentle and transformational process with their presence.”

Phoebe Leung, Hong Kong

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“The retreat with Nat and Jacqui has been a very beautiful and powerful experience for me. I felt loved, held and cared for throughout. Importantly, there was an all-permeating spirit of sacred sisterhood that allowed me to dive into the practices and do some deep emotional work, healing my wounds and bringing into loving awareness layers of previously repressed grief, anger and shame.

I feel very grateful to Nat and Jacqui for holding the Temple space in the way they did, for their integrity, gentleness, generosity and wisdom. I would love to experience their presence again and would genuinely recommend this sacred work to those who feel called to connect with themselves and the source within. With blessings, Ksenia”

Ksenia Belash, Russia

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“Amazing, fantastic, pure love, perfect.

Ah! Powerful decent for a strong ascension! I watched the play of my shadows, listened to the cry of my wounds and that was the most powerful healing balm ever… No ascension without deep decent … ‘I was That pure Love’ only when I fully embraced that what I’m not… neti-neti digging experience ; once the crap was out, spanda flowed, moving the body to Nataraja.

Nothing to fix… Nothing to judge … Beautiful Dakinis; Nat love & Jacqui Ward are amazing, helped holding the space; I watched & listened … and all was revealed. Humbled by the beauty and the love I have experienced. Gratitude.”

Amel Maaouia, Tunisia

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“After years of disconnection from my womb, I have started tuning in and listening to her. I have been on the womb apprenticeship programme and have already experience a lot of magical healing. It was only logical to attend a retreat in person and I felt called to do the womb awakening teacher training in Bali with Jacqui and Natalie. I was able to tap into unresolved emotions that were stored in my womb for many, many years. It was a powerful journey to see these old wounds surface and be held in a space of support from the sisterhood and the two incredible facilitators, Natalie and Jacqui.

They taught and weaved their love and experience beautifully and with each other. I felt safe and held in my vulnerability. I was able to free old anger and grief therefore allowing me to fully be here, present in my relationships and within myself. I learnt so much about tapping into the infinite subconscious mind and the beauty and power of surrender. The days that followed after the retreat were pure bliss, life just flowed and I completely surrendered and danced with the universe. Thank you. I have so much gratitude this work exists.”

Christine Do, NZ

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“The retreat with Nat and Jacqui has been a very beautiful and powerful experience for me. I felt loved, held and cared for throughout. Importantly, there was an all-permeating spirit of sacred sisterhood that allowed me to dive into the practices and do some deep emotional work, healing my wounds and bringing into loving awareness layers of previously repressed grief, anger and shame.

I feel very grateful to Nat and Jacqui for holding the Temple space in the way they did, for their integrity, gentleness, generosity and wisdom. I would love to experience their presence again and would genuinely recommend this sacred work to those who feel called to connect with themselves and the source within. With blessings, Ksenia”

Ksenia Belash, Russia

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“I loved the retreat space ~ the room we did our body practices in was a wonderful shape, size and super comfy. Having the ocean and the pool there was  lush and wonderful to be able to immerse into and move the energy through from the body practices. I loved how it was very much about embodiment and not so much theory, this was exactly what I needed. I felt some very powerful shifts and actually some very old anxiety came up that I was able to sit with and move through with the assistance my room mate jody – a  wonderful feeling of sisterhood was present with all sorts of women from all over the planet , of all different ages, able to show up and do the work together and support each other. I wasn’t expecting such powerful memories of past lives, ancestry and deep grief to come up, but am glad it did and to be held in it by sisterhood was so very very deeply healing.

Jacqui and Nat held a beautiful container of love and safety for us and the assistants were incredible, Ishwari was like a rock of love for me. Its very powerful work, and I feel I received on a deep level the power of this work. Dragon shakti was a profoundly beautiful experience, I really enjoyed this and the space that was shared in the room .. I also really loved dancing the elements, I found this so moving, and the music choice was bang on. Jacqui I found to be grounded and practical, and Nat was so loving and empathetic, a really great alchemy for facilitating us. The assistants were epic, too.

Womb awakening is a profound retreat of embodied feminine practices to bring about deep healing and love. An awakening and remeberence for what has been before brought so much joy and longing and hope to me for these ways to return again,  and are through this work. Its a true blessing at this time where we are ushering the divine feminine back to hold us again through us..this is how we can be the change we wish to see..thank you Jacqui and Nat for holding us beautifully. So much love and gratitude xx S.S”

Simone Sutton, Australia

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“I am forever changed from this powerful retreat. Never before had I felt such true sisterhood within a group of women. Such an incredible energy of safety filled our sacred space. It allowed my Feminine Soul to journey to the depths of my Womb & then soar to the heavens, reborn within ecstatic alignment with All of Creation. Nat has such a gift in powerfully bringing women together with a true sense of Belonging, and Jacqui’s softness welcomed me to journey to the lunar depths of my being.

The entire retreat was amazing. It’s so incredibly powerful to gather as women, coming into our bodies and truly feeling~into the truth of what we’re healing and supporting each other in this sacred work ~ reminding, mirroring and re-membering the truth of the Love that we are and the dance of Creation we are. Thank you Nat & Jacqui!!! I grieved leaving such an incredible journey together ~ thank you for your devotion, your Courage and your inspiration. Thank you for being Midwifes of Mothers of New Earth Xxx”

Katherine Karnis, USA

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“What a wonderful experience to visit Bali and to be embraced by the land and the people. A stepping out of time. A time of embodied experience, of ceremony, of deeply feeling into what my body and the land wanted to express through me.

Thank you, Nat and Jacqui for facilitating a space that allowed to me to drop deeply into a truly embodied state and to listen to the quiet voices that had been clamouring for my attention. I would recommend this journey to anyone who is looking to drop deeply into themselves in held space, whilst feeling totally nurtured and supported in sisterhood.”

Louise Tarrier, Australia

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“Immersing myself in the Temple of Feminine Arts during the FOL Teacher Training in Bali was a rich, fertile journey. I welcomed myself home to the true heart of the Mother, stepping into greater trust and safety as an embodied woman of Gaia.

The healing nectar of the practices, teachings and the circle of women deeply healed my heart and womb. Nat and Jaqui held phenomenal presence, their unique gifts shining through as they held all of us in the sweetest, most comforting energy I have ever felt from facilitators during a retreat! The essence of sisterhood love and support was fully alive. What a gift it was!”

Emily Kaye, Hawaii