Womb Awakening 

Facilitator Training Retreat

July 14th – 21st, 2024

Are you Called to enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts?

We invite you to join us for a 7-Day Womb Awakening Facilitators Training Retreat in the luscious feminine surrounds of Bali, for an intensive feminine soul-awakening & enchanted journey into the magical feminine arts of healing and womb-centred embodiment.

Our time together will be deeply embodied, giving you a living imprint of a feminine way of being – accompanied by sacred womb practices, sound healing, dance, ceremony, shadow alchemy, breathwork, and transformational explorations to awaken and activate your Shakti.

We will also connect with the Spirit of the Land in honour and play with the Dragon Elements of Fire and Water. This is a sacred place to connect to one of the most profound Grail Chakras of Gaia and awaken your natural Womb Power.

Studying in a Feminine Mystery School gives you a grounded immersion into the ancient feminine mystery teachings of the Womb, combined with the latest scientific & alchemical keys for inner rebirth. You will learn about the Womb Mysteries and gain the sacred tools you need to create deep and sustained transformation in your life, to walk the Path of Shakti, and thrive in your Sacred Vocation as a Spirit Keeper of the Womb, offering a Magic Doorway to others on their healing journey.

In-person retreats are for those who wish to dive deeper and combine magical, experiential and enchanted journeys deep into the feminine dimension of consciousness for healing, renewal and awakening, along with study-immersions and learning tools to help you, anchor, share and teach the work.

You will also receive a Womb Awakening Facilitators Training Manual covering your core curriculum.

Immerse, Experience, Learn….

~ Learn how to hold space
~ Learn about feminine shamanism
~ Experience ceremony & rituals
~ Experience sound & movement alchemy
~ Learn about hypnosis & journeying

Learn Ancient Feminine Temple Arts:

• Tibetan Womb Pulsing
• Seiki Transmission
• Dragon Shakti Breathing
• Egyptian Grief Ritual
• Womb Medicine Wheel
• Pelvic Presence
• Sacred Union Yoga

You are welcome to attend this retreat for your own soul healing or you may wish to experience a new frequency and learn new skills to incorporate into what you currently offer. After completing the 9-Moon Apprenticeship and the Facilitator Training you will be certified as a Womb Awakening Facilitator under The Institute of Feminine Arts as well as IICT (International Institute Of Complementary Therapists) which is recognised worldwide. You will be eligible to join a private online Womb Circle where a vibrant worldwide community of souls gather together to inspire and support each other on their path. The Institute of Feminine Arts offers a variety of online courses to further develop and enhance this Facilitator Training Retreat. We have been running these facilitating retreats for the past decade now with participants coming from all around the world and immersing in the Temple of Feminine Arts. Due to the popularity and success of these retreats, we have been called to hold them more regularly Worldwide.


Set in the luscious feminine landscape of Bali, our retreat facility is situated by sea far away from mass tourism on the north-east coast, where you will encounter the warm-heartedness and hospitality of the Balinese people who influence the magic, charm and myths of Bali. The retreat centre is by the beach and has a swimming pool and Lotus Spa on site where the delicate but expert hands of their masseurs will help you to indulge in deep restorative relaxation where you can nourish and renew yourself in beautiful supportive surroundings.

The Path of Shakti is laying Rose Petals of possibility at your feet…. Will you join us?

For more information please click here to download our Facilitators Retreat booklet.

For our Facilitator’s Training, we highly recommend the groundbreaking and life-changing book: Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life
You can find it here:

Our Womb Awakening Program is fully certified and is listed as an officially recognised modality with IICT, one of the world’s foremost complementary therapy organisations. Training with a Platinum Training Provider means that your certification carries weight worldwide and that you can access competitively priced insurance for your work. Please note to receive your full certification to facilitate the Womb Awakening work that it is required to complete the 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship, The 7-day in-person Womb Awakening Facilitator Retreat and the 30-day online Descent into the Underworld course. You can sit these courses in any order, there are no prerequisites to sit one or the other, though they do need to be completed to receive certification. If you are wanting to come to the in-person retreat for your own healing journey and transformation then you are more than welcome to join us without receiving your certification. You do have 2 years to complete the certified training, so if you choose to do at a later date you can always do so.

The Institute Of Feminine Arts is committed to providing the highest standards of training & facilitation throughout your course.

This retreat is lead and facilitated by Institute Of Feminine Arts Founder Natalie Zukerman, with Support Facilitators, Rachel Deering, Mariee Russell, Remi Hopfner and Reenal Dutt.

Natalie Zukerman is the Founder of The Institute Of Feminine Arts and Womb Awakening Australia. Natalie is an intuitive Womb Priestess, Womb Awakening and Feminine Arts Teacher Trainer, Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and holds a Diploma in Modern Psychology. Natalie is also a Kahuna Therapist, Chi Nei Tsang therapist and teaches her own fully certified modality in Integrative Womb Hara Massage Practitioner Training. Natalie also specialises in Shamanic Healing and journeying which she has been practising for 20 years, along with many other healing modalities that create profound change at the level of the unconscious mind.

Natalie spent 17 years travelling around the world devoting herself to learning from various Shamanic Tribes and Elders. Her journeys have taken her to the most remote places on earth. She has studied for many years with Nagual ” Lujan Matus” & spent time in the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta, Colombia with the Kogi and Arhuacos Indians. She has studied yoga & meditation in the Indian Himalayas for 7 years & lived amongst the nomads of Tibet and Mongolia. Natalie is dedicated to her path and to remembering the Sacred Mysteries. She works in depth with women who have suffered through all types of abuse, trauma and fertility issues and is a direct guide to Feminine Empowerment. Devoted to guiding women and men in their spiritual growth, healing & awakening the magic of the feminine dimension within, and helping to unite the masculine and feminine into sacred union. Natalie has a gift for aligning people with their supreme version of life and unravelling their limitations, blockages, and deep core wounds from their past and ancestral lineage.
Feel free to contact Natalie or for more information please view Natalie’s websites:


Oh my! Where to even start. This retreat was exactly what I always dreamt of finding and more. I feel like I stepped into a whole new world that had been waiting for me all this life and I finally feel like I have made it home. A deep remembering of all the wisdom that Natalie shared. The retreat was incredible. We dived deep into the ancient feminine practices and all students, teachers and assistants came together in a beautiful loving and supportive way. Natalie has such wisdom and personal experience which was so powerful to witness and learn through. I am so grateful to have Natalie as a teacher, mentor and friend. This is such an exciting time in my life and I am so looking forward to what unfolds as I walk this priestess path and share this wisdom with the world when the time is right.
Mikala Maloney ~ NSW

The Womb awakening retreat facilitated by Natalie at the Institute of Feminine Arts was a journey where deep healing commenced for me in a very big way.  I showed up with all my armour, expressing my deepest inner truths and wounds that I have been carrying, and not voicing out where it mattered.  I was received with so much love, support, no judgement and was given space to process what was going on for me. I absolutely loved the physical and emotional experience I journeyed on and I highly recommend anyone wanting to get in touch and reconnect with their feminine beauty within, in all its glory to take the step forward in discovering her.  She is waiting to come out and to be seen.
Melinda Langford, NSW

Natalie & The Institute Of Feminine Arts have taken me on a multitude of epic journeys over the year that have filled me with many shamanic and archetypal energies that have challenged and embodied my being. I was seeking the purpose in serving in this world and both the Apprenticeship and the Facilitator Training Retreat brought me on the path of awakening the woman (womb) within which I had been called to many years before being a midwife. What I’ve been looking for this past decade is the reclaiming of the feminine power where women connect with their inner well of wisdom which gives them the knowledge of their power of creation. Through the Institute Of Feminine Arts teachings and courses, I can now assist women to journey into their birthing experiences by understanding their womb wisdom, their gestational & birth traumas, to birth a baby through an awakened womb that has supernatural possibilities, as the baby would be fully inhabiting its true blueprint for life on earth.
Mary Ziegler, QLD

I came HOME on this retreat. It was a deep process of REMEMBERING. Walking back into the temple space I had spent so many lifetimes priestessing in… being with my sisters here again… it instantly brought me to tears as I was anointed and welcomed. The whole week was SO EPICALLY TRANSFORMATIONAL. Since then a huge chunk of my programming has unravelled. 2 months on I’m still moving through the huge work and discoveries that were made here. I’ve never felt so held, supported, and safe in a retreat space before. This work is super deep and needs a really safe container to be fully respected and truly embodied and this was the most nurturing, loving, and true container for the feminine that I’ve experienced.
Thank you, gorgeous goddess.
Allyce Martins ~ VIC

This blessed Womb Awakening journey, held in the wild feminine land of Bali, brought me to a deep and powerful connection with my womb gnosis, and ultimately changed me in a way that is impossible to describe in words. Throughout the seven days, I felt a colossal shift in my experience of being a woman, into embodying my innate femininity and masculinity in balanced, wombic ALL-ness. I experienced the true nature of sisterhood and found some of the deepest and most potent connections with the rooted womb sisters who shared this journey alongside me. Our wonderful facilitators beautifully interwove their individual teachings, knowledge and offerings. These amazing women held space in a deeply tender and magical way, sharing their own journeys, truths, and vulnerabilities in a way that felt non-hierarchical. The retreat is structured to combine feminine spirals of experiential learning with deep theory, and beautiful ancient feminine womb practises. It is a true moon-womb mystery school – a method of re-learning and re-membering what is so innately feminine. This program in Bali changed my life – my eternal gratitude to ALL the womb sisters who, in their deepest love, guidance, authenticity and acceptance, know not the strength and wisdom they bestowed upon me… NVB ~ London

It is an unforgettable experience to immerse in The Temple of the Feminine Arts lead by Nat. All the chantings, dancings and ceremonies during the process, let me connect back to my womb’s heartbeat and Mother Earth’s heartbeat, I felt the connection with my spiritual mother, Gaia and embodied the vibration of my Divine Feminine Lineage. Such a strong sisterhood energy connected between Nat and Jaq and surrounded during the retreat, all of us are well connected as a Divine Feminine Community. With a profound experience of shamanic and healing, Nat brought us healing and transformational energy and Jaq has very beautiful soft power. We went through a beautiful, gentle and transformational process with their presence.
Phoebe Leung – HONG KONG

“The retreat with Nat has been a very beautiful and powerful experience for me. I felt loved, held and cared for throughout. Importantly, there was an all-permeating spirit of sacred sisterhood that allowed me to dive into the practices and do some deep emotional work, healing my wounds and bringing into loving awareness layers of previously repressed grief, anger and shame. I feel very grateful to Nat for holding the Temple space in the way she did, and for her integrity, gentleness, generosity and wisdom. I would love to experience their presence again and would genuinely recommend this sacred work to those who feel called to connect with themselves and the source within.
With blessings, Ksenia Belash ~ UK

I attended the most recent Womb Awakening Retreat in Bali, and feel absolutely blessed to have been guided through one of the most powerful, potent, love-filled weeks of my life! Nat created and held a beautiful, safe container for all of us to explore some of our deepest traumas, whilst continually returning us to Love! Everything about this retreat was perfectly planned, well-executed and thought out. I especially loved the combination between theory, practical and ceremony. The week felt like one big ritual, a true gift of guidance. Infused with Goddess energy, womb awakening practises and sacred sisterhood. I am deeply grateful for this experience and cannot wait to continue learning from Nat and the Institute Of Feminine Arts in the future. I also loved the way these women work together – so complimentary!
Toyah Hicks ~ NZ


Bali Retreat Form

” I will be forever grateful that the universe has lead me to this work with the beautiful Nat Love.
I have always had a deep desire to support women to connect in with their true essence, and I have participated in workshops both as a participant and crew support, prior to finding the Institute of Feminine Arts.
It was always a powerful and amazing experience, but when I trained with Nat I realised what was missing for me.
The safe, soft, loving and nurturing space that Nat holds, and you feel her wisdom flow from a place of complete love and she meets you where you’re at. I highly recommend any of the courses that Nat teaches to anyone who is searching for a deeper, inner connection with themselves and then to impart that wisdom to other women through the vibration of love. “

Tanya Dale

” I would like to express my gratitude and love for you Nat and the very potent beautiful life-changing experience you provided me while on the retreat. I adore the beautiful essence that you poured into this sacred container I felt so held and loved the entire time. I’ve walked away with truly knowing thy self more and with more knowledge more love in my beating vessel I’ve come home more whole and while on retreat the healing that happened was amazing ♥️

Also a big Thankyou to Ishwari, having her Devine grandmother energy there was just perfect, it wrapped me in a warm blanket the entire time.

Nat, I look forward to learning more from you this year on the 9 moon Apprenticeship and hopefully years to come. Your work is truly Devine

Many blessings beautiful sister ♥️
Abi “

Abigail McGrath ~ Mackay, Australia

” I have never felt a more potent emotional letting go than I did when I experienced Womb Pulsing. This emotional release was not linked to any particular traumatic or emotional experience but was, what I can only describe as, a complete releasing of ALL that I had been carrying in my mind & body for most of my 53 yrs of life. It was a deep seated purging that welled up inside of me & came pouring out, that once finished, left me feeling a deep state of love & peace that I carried for a very long time.

To witness this innate relationship that my womb has with me is truly magical. It has given me a deeper level of connection to my body than I ever could have imagined possible. Thank you so much Nat, womb pulsing was just one powerful aspect of other hugely powerful experiences at your Womb Awakening Facilitator Training and combined it was an experience I will never forget.”

Christine Lloyd