The Institute Of Feminine Arts offers a range of ‘online’ & ‘in-person’ courses. The 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is the foundational training that we’ve been running since 2017 & is part of our Womb Awakening certified program.
The 9-Moon Apprenticeship, Facilitator Training Retreat, & the Integrative Womb Hara Massage Practitioner Training, are
all officially certified worldwide.


Pearl pink image with moons mountains and isis wings with information about the 9 moons womb awakening apprenticeship

11th of January, 2024

Our ‘online’ 9 Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship begins on the first new moon of each year. This comprehensive training is rooted in the ancient Feminine Mystery teachings of the Womb & is held in a safe, supportive & sacred container of sisters from around the world. This training is for all women who wish to offer a substantial & grounded path of feminine leadership, with the tools & skills to access their creative potential, intuitive wisdom & awaken their innate abilities. Places are offered upon application & are limited to maintain the energy & integrity of this sacred container as we journey together through this deeply profound & transformational immersion.


Offered as a 6-day in person training three times a year.

Womb Hara Massage is a deeply healing medicine working with the abdominal, sacral & womb areas to help increase the flow of chi, one’s vital life for energy.  It supports the clearing of blockages & stagnant energy held within the tissues of the body, while restoring balance to the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system.  During this 6-day training, you will learn how to bring equilibrium to the mind, body & spirit with the unique fusion of bodywork, while also guiding your clients to have a deeper awareness & connection to their womb space & all organs held within the abdominal area. Womb Hara Massage works to repair, bring balance & restoration to our energy centres, while awakening our creative birthing potential & life force energy so that we can access the medicine within us.

Woman lying on massage table waiting for a integrative womb hara massage as a part of the integrative womb hara massage practitioner training


Women in red gathering under the palm trees in bali for the womb awakening retreat

July 14th–July 21st, 2024 in Bali.

Our 7-day in-person facilitator training retreat is a rich & experiential immersion that will deepen your personal journey & train you as a qualified Womb Awakening Facilitator if that’s what you choose. You will be invited to cross the threshold into the Feminine Dimension for a total shamanic rebirth & to prepare to lead others on this journey. This retreat is for those that wish to dive deeper into Womb Awakening & the feminine dimension of consciousness for healing, renewal & awakening, along with study-immersions & learning tools to help you, anchor, share & facilitate the work.


30 Day online course: October New Moon,  2024

The Descent into the Underworld is a deep feminine soul-retrieval  30-Day online journey, This course is facilitated once a year,  on the New Moon of October.  Together, as a connected web & circle, we will hold the light for one another & the world as we descend into the shadow realms – taking the sacred journey that Inanna, Persephone & Magdalene took, facing our inner wounds to redeem them. As a Circle, we will journey through these epigenetic, soul-lineage, ancestral & past life memories to bring the healing balm of love, discernment, & forgiveness. By reclaiming these lost soul fragments of the feminine psyche, we will restore our innate power as creators & birthers of our own reality & mass reality. 

Woman lying on massage table waiting for a integrative womb hara massage as a part of the integrative womb hara massage practitioner training


Painting of a woman dancing under the moon with information for the moon blood mysteries course

30 Day online course: anytime in the comfort of your own space

Our Moon Blood is a sacred source of life. It nourishes, sustains & has the power to create new life within our Wombs. This course will give you the framework to remember, retrieve & rewire your connection to your sacred Moon Blood. It offers unique tools to follow the ebbs & flows of your menstrual cycle. You’ll learn about the lunar phases & how to work with them in ritual & ceremony, breathing life into your relationship with the moon & her effect on your body, energy & creativity.


30-day online course: Anytime in the comfort of your own space

During this powerful 30-day online journey, we will be reaching into our most hidden, vulnerable places that truly long for Divine Love. We will explore this longing for Union along with any blocks that stand in the way. Embodying Sacred Union within is vital, when we come into wholeness within self, we open the doorway to merge in union & oneness with our beloved. This course comes with daily somatic body-prayer practices, shamanic journeys, instructional videos, as well as a 77-page in-depth course manual. It includes many empowering resources to add to your toolkit.

Woman with sacred geometry patterns on front with hands together and information about sacred union alchemy


Woman in pink holding rose petals with heart womb alchemy information

30-day online course: Anytime in the comfort of your own space

During this 30-day journey, you will awaken & unify the sacred chambers of your Heart & Womb, merging them back into sacred union. This course will lovingly guide you to connect with your true power, inner wisdom, magic & vitality that resides within you. Throughout this course, you will be guided to cultivate a powerful connection to your Womb Centre, inviting you to explore and immerse yourself in the living chalice and radiant wellspring of energies residing within the sacred vessel of your body. This course comes with daily somatic body-prayer practices, shamanic journeys, instructional videos, as well as a 41-page in-depth course manual.


with Tami Kent: March 4th to 7th, 2024

Holistic Pelvic Care is taught by Tami Lynn Kent & combines gentle, internal massage of the pelvic muscles with energetic & emotional balancing techniques focusing on the fascial alignment. This course will help to teach you how to read the physical & energetic patterns of the pelvic bowl & restore access to the full range of creative resources of this beauty & wildness within. 

Woman receiving a womb hara massage and pelvic care healing session