Sacred Union Alchemy 30-day online course

Anytime in the comfort of your own space

Welcoming you on this deep journey into the heart of love to explore sacred relationship.

During this powerful 30-day online journey we will be reaching into our most hidden, vulnerable places that truly long for Divine Love. We will explore the longing for Union and any blocks that stand in the way.

Many of us hold onto fears of abandonment, rejection, being smothered, clinginess, neediness and even fears of intimacy, which are all contrary to allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. In essence, these fears have the potential to be magical doorways opening into our deepest awakening and the rebirthing of our essential nature.

The core wounds and the patterns of our relationships are the place where our true medicine and deepest treasure is held. Our traumas or heartbreaks are really the gateway to liberation and awakening to love.

Over time we have separated ourselves, fallen out of balance and forgotten how to relate to one another and the earth. We need to heal this dissonance and ‘unpick’ the old programming, release any old data, and strengthen our connection and relationship to the Feminine and Masculine principles. Together, the Feminine and Masculine can be reborn as One, with no separation, merging into the Universal Womb of Love.

This course can be taken at any time of your choosing, it requires no more than 1 hour a day and you can participate in the comfort of your own space. It comes with a 77-page in-depth E-book, body practices, videos, shamanic audio journeys, and many empowering resources to add to your toolkit.

All course content is accessed through the online website portal and is downloadable.

Are you ready to connect to the Heart of Creation and be a midwife for this Great Love that lives within you?


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