Heart Womb Alchemy 30 Day Online Course

Within the depths of our heart and womb centres lies an immense power, waiting to be awakened. Embracing and uniting these sacred chambers within ourselves brings forth a profound impact on everything we create and birth to life and manifest in this earthly existence. The frequency of our creations becomes magnificently enhanced when we tend to these inner currents of love and strength. Through the sacred alchemy of inner union, we elevate our experiences of love, relationships, sensuality, work, and parenting.

In this immersive 30-day journey, we merge our hearts with the Divine Heart of Creation, and our wombs with the Womb of Gaia. By harmonising these energies within us, we establish a solid foundation for our sacred journey.

The transformative practices and shamanic voyages offered in this course will empower you to strengthen your energetic vessel, your luminous essence, and deepen your ability to explore the feminine realm within and all the wisdom that she holds.

This Heart Womb Alchemy immersion will lovingly guide you to connect with your true power, inner wisdom, magic and vitality that resides within the depths of your being. Throughout this course, you will be guided to cultivate a powerful connection to your Womb Centre, inviting you to explore and immerse yourself in the living chalice and radiant wellspring of energies residing within the sacred vessel of your body.



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