Descent into the Underworld 30 Day Online Course

October 3rd 2024

Healing the Core Wounds of the Forbidden Feminine

Are You Ready to DESCEND into the Underworld?

By taking the Descent down through our dark hidden parts of ourselves and learning to navigate through these unseen realms, we move through the layers of our personal and collective pain, into the dark and fertile Womb of the World to remember and renew ourselves as men and women of power, birthers of creation. It is when we are deep down in the depths of the descent that we can find our hidden treasure – our shining light. We can then retrieve this treasure and arise in our ascent with its medicine and birth our shadows into the light and our gifts into the world.

You are invited to join us for a deep feminine soul-retrieval on this 30-Day online journey, so we can once again reclaim our inner treasures. The course starts New Moon on October 3rd – when our deepest treasures are waiting to be revealed!

Many of our personal traumas and broken hearts are often connected to ancient archetypal traumas which arise from the collective feminine pain body. This may include memories of sexual slavery, the sister shadow through power and manipulation, the burning times, and the great fall of the feminine. Without awareness, over time we build an armour – making it harder to access these wounds. Often our power lies in enslavement to these olds patterns.

Signs that Your Power is in Hiding may be:

~ You are afraid of sharing your Feminine Wisdom ~
~ You are often attracted to men who betray you ~
~ You secretly feel jealous or resentful of others ~
~ You have doubts about your gifts or worth ~
~ You are afraid to shine and unleash your wildness ~

We will join as a connected web and circle as we hold the light for one another and the world as we descend into the shadow realms – taking the sacred journey that Inanna, Persephone and Magdalene took, facing our inner wounds to redeem them.

This 30-day journey is supported by a daily online “Womb Circle” facilitated by Natalie Zukerman, Founder of The Institute Of Feminine Arts.

Included in the 30-day course is:

~ A comprehensive 74-page course manual
~ Weekly Womb Awakening Body Practices
~ Weekly Guided Shamanic Audio Journeys
~ Ceremony and Energetic Transmissions
~ Daily support in a facilitated online “Womb Circle”

We will be taking a regression journey into Egypt and Atlantis as well as a regression journey into the wound of the witches and going in to reclaim our soul gifts and essential self.

As a Circle, we will journey through these epigenetic, soul-lineage, ancestral and past life memories to bring the healing balm of love, discernment, and forgiveness. By reclaiming these lost soul fragments of the feminine psyche, we will restore our innate power as creators and birthers of our own reality and mass reality.

By taking this epic inner journey of deep transformation, which is both a personal and collective Feminine Soul Retrieval, we will reclaim our true Womb Sovereignty.

Like a Dragon rising from the ashes, we will embrace all the ways our feminine wisdom and energy has been enslaved or persecuted, and from the fragments of the past we will weave a glistening garment of beauty, and birth our true power again

“How can I be substantial if I fail to cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” – C.G.Jung.

Are you ready to Descend?
Your feminine power is calling to you…


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