Natalie Zukerman

Natalie is an intuitive empath and Spirit Keeper of the Feminine Mysteries. She is a Womb Awakening and Feminine Arts Teacher, Founder of Womb Awakening Australia and The Institute Of Feminine Arts, and has facilitated thousands of women on their 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship. She is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and holds a Diploma in Modern Psychology.

Natalie is also a bodyworker, Womb Hara Therapist, Kahuna Therapist, Chi Nei Tsang therapist and specialises in Shamanic Healing and journeying which she has been practising for 24 years, along with many other healing modalities that create profound change at the level of the unconscious mind.

She also teaches her own fully certified modality in Integrative Womb Hara Massage.

Natalie spent 17 years travelling around the world devoting herself to learning from many different Indigenous Tribes and Elders. Her journeys have taken her to the most remote places on earth. She has studied for many years with Nagual “Lujan Matus” & spent time in the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta, Colombia with the Kogi and Arhuacos Indians. She has trained extensively with many gifted Shamans and spiritual teachers around the world, studied yoga & meditation in the Indian Himalayas for 7 years & lived amongst the nomads of Tibet and Mongolia. Natalie is dedicated to her path and in remembering the Sacred Mysteries.

She works in depth with women who have suffered through all types of abuse, trauma and fertility issues and is a direct guide to Feminine Empowerment. Devoted to guiding women and men in their spiritual growth, healing & awakening the magic of the feminine dimension within, and helping to unite the masculine and feminine into sacred union.

Natalie has a gift for aligning people with their supreme version of life and unravelling their limitations, blockages, and deep core wounds from their past and ancestral lineage.

Natalie also offers Womb Healing Sessions, Womb Hara Massage, Zoom Sessions, Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression, Emotional Anatomy sessions, Shamanic Healing, Energetic Transmissions, Tibetan Womb Pulsing Classes, & holds Teacher Training Retreats, workshops & Womb Circles in Australia and Worldwide.