9 Moon Apprenticeship Course

January 11th, 2024

Starting every year on the New Moon in January for 9 months, we journey together in a modern-day Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries together to bring healing, vision, ecstasy, embodiment and renewal to our lives. During this deep, experiential immersion we travel through 9 Wisdom-Spirals of the Womb Mysteries – to awaken and embody the power of the Divine Creatrix, lived fully in our lives, our bodies, our sexuality, our relationships, and our sacred vocation.

This program is a comprehensive education in the Feminine Wisdom traditions, providing a nurturing modern mystery school environment for spiritual initiation, personal healing, and sacred vocation. With hundreds of students worldwide, this unique feminine shamanic journey has been described as “Incredibly Profound,  Life-Changing” and  “Enchanting “.

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  • $1444.00 AUD sign up fee, plus;
  • $469.11 AUD per month for 9 months  ($5665.99 total) 
  • plus GST



  • $5222.00 AUD upfront fee
  • For students paying in advance
  • plus GST   

The online Apprenticeship requires a daily time commitment of up to 1 hour per day (or whatever your schedule allows). Internet access is necessary for downloading course materials; however, it also provides flexibility for offline practices once your course materials are downloaded. 

Amongst many threads, we will: ~Heal ancestral imprints (vital for opening to conscious creation, and also to heal our own epigenetic blueprint back to love) ~Awaken the Mystic Rose of the Womb – journeying through the Sacred Gateways of the Womb Medicine Wheel to sexually awaken the Divine Woman/Man. ~Enter the Temple of Feminine Arts – studying and experiencing different body prayers and practices from many sacred feminine priestess lineages.

You will be supported by:

* Membership to a private facilitated daily online Apprenticeship Circle.
* Zoom calls hosted by Natalie Zukerman for every Wisdom-Spiral. Monthly pod calls are included.
* Zoom calls hosted by our support facilitator for every Wisdom-Spiral.
* Extensive written, video, and audio materials to support your learning.
* Weekly Womb healing body prayers and body practices that reweave your energy field and body of light.
* Weekly audio-shamanic journeys, Ceremonies, energy transmissions, and rituals.
* 1 x private 1:1 mentoring session included.

You will journey through 9 wisdom cycles:

Spiral 1. Heart Womb Alchemy
Spiral 2. Entering the Temple
Spiral 3. Womb Medicine Wheel
Spiral 4. Moon Blood Mysteries
Spiral 5. Journeying into Erotic Innocence
Spiral 6. Sacred Union Alchemy
Spiral 7. Sister Shadow & The Mother Wound
Spiral 8. Feminine Leadership & Mentorship
Spiral 9. Womb Shamanism

Become a Certified Womb Awakening Practitioner

To graduate and become a Certified Womb Awakening Facilitator requires that you complete the following training:

~ Womb Awakening 9 Moon Online Apprenticeship.
~ Womb Awakening 7-Day In-Person Retreat.
~ Descent into the Underworld – 30-Day Online course.

Once you have graduated you will:

~ Receive a Certificate from The Institute Of Feminine Arts Moon College.
~ Be eligible to join IICT and get insurance for your Womb Awakening events and work 1:1 with client sessions as a Womb Awakening Practitioner.
~ Be eligible to Facilitate Womb Awakening Retreats + workshops and use affiliate links.
~ Be eligible to have your events listed in the Institute Of Feminine Arts newsletter.
~ Be eligible to enrol in the Womb Awakening Graduate Program.

The Path of Shakti is laying Rose Petals of possibility at your feet…. Will you join us?

For more information please click here to download our Spiral 1 PDF.
Apprenticeship PDF info

Fees & Registration
Prepayment discount: AUD $5222 + GST.
Payment Plan with 10 x monthly instalments: AUD$5666 + GST.
*** Please note that GST is not applicable to participants residing outside of Australia.

Discount available for returning Apprenticeship alumni students
We also offer 4 partial scholarships for every annual 9 Moons for those in need. These are handed out at the end of September. Please contact The Institute of Feminine Arts to apply.
Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

What Are The Benefits of Womb Awakening?     

*Feeling safe in your body and empowered to express yourself.
*Activating your feminine dragon power.
*Trusting the voice of your womb and your inner knowing.
*Improving relationships and healing sexuality.
*Awakening the power of feminine softness.
*Opening to receive deeper pleasure in the body and in life.
*Healing deep heart wounds opening to forgiveness.
*Bringing old wounds out of denial for love and healing.
*Reconnecting with your soul essence and the magic within.
*Reigniting your passion for life and its blessings.
*Connecting deeply with your body and soul, coming alive!
*Bringing fire and passion to your soul purpose and the confidence to live this.
*Opening to life’s abundance and the bounty of the universe.
*Tapping into your inner wellspring of creativity to manifest magical opportunities.
*Healing your relationship with yourself and coming into sacred union within your own body mind and soul.
*Deepening intimacy and sacred relationship with your partner.
*Enriching relationships with friends and family through the deepening of intimacy or establishing healthy boundaries.
*Opening your psychic capacities and supernatural senses through cerebellar consciousness.
*Healing your body and relaxing the muscle and neural tension.
*Opening the pathways of pleasure and shakti to flow through our yoni as inner armouring and muscle tensions release.
*Restoring health and the harmonious functioning of cells within your womb space and her energy field
* Plugging back into the essence of love and living from this place.
* Remembering that life is a gift filled with joy, wonder and pleasure.


For our Certified Womb Awakening Program, we highly recommend the groundbreaking and life-changing book: Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life. You can find it here:

The apprenticeship was originally created back in 2011 by The Fountain of Life (Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand, authors of the Womb Awakening book). Natalie became their lead teacher and Facilitator for The Fountain of Life and facilitated the 9-Moon Apprenticeship for them for some years. In 2017 Seren and Azra Bertrand decided to let go of The Fountain Of Life and they gave Natalie their blessing to continue to bring forward the 9-Moon Apprenticeship. Natalie has kept it true to the lineages and to its roots, she is a Custodian, honouring the sanctity of the work. Much of Natalie’s learnings and spiritual education have been derived from her 17 years of global travels where she lived with many Indigenous Tribes and Elders and devoted these 17 years to learning their ways. Natalie has also weaved a lot of her own life experience, embodiment and knowledge into the Apprenticeship, she personally facilitates the 9 Moon program and holds a safe and sacred space for all participants involved.


Our Womb Awakening Program is fully certified and is listed as an officially recognised modality with IICT, one of the world’s foremost complementary therapy organisations. Training with a Platinum Training Provider means that your certification carries weight worldwide and that you can access competitively priced insurance for your work. Please note to receive your full certification to facilitate the Womb Awakening work that it is required to complete the 9-Moon Womb Awakening Apprenticeship, the 7-day in-person Womb Awakening Facilitator Retreat and the 30-day online Descent into the Underworld course. You can sit these courses in any order, there are no pre-requisites to sit one or the other, though they do need to be completed to receive certification.  You have 2 years to complete the certified training.

The Institute Of Feminine Arts is committed to providing the highest standards of training & facilitation throughout your course.

The Womb is a magical portal and a space of divine creation. She is the gateway to the shamanic realms of the feminine that honours the natural cycles of birth, death and rebirth. If you are feeling the call to immerse yourself in the Sacred Feminine Healing Arts, awaken your ancient remembrance to the Feminine Mysteries and embody your true feminine essence, we invite you to join us as we journey this empowering 9 Moon gestation in the Womb of the Divine Mother to call in our true hearts desires, dreams and to birth new creations into the world.

The Apprenticeship is held in a safe and sacred container and for this reason, we only take a limited number of participants every year. Please contact us to receive an application form.



  • $1444.00 AUD sign up fee, plus;
  • $469.11 AUD per month for 9 months ($5665.99 total) 
  • plus GST


  • $5222.00 AUD upfront fee
  • For students paying in advance
  • plus GST   
If you are interested in taking your place in our global circle of sisters, please fill in the contact form below to request a set up a phone call so we can answer any questions & support you in exploring if this journey is right for you.

9 Moons Apprenticeship Form


” My deepest gratitude to you Nat.

I want to express some words of gratitude for this magical 9-Moon journey you have taken us on. Words fall short to express the gratitude I feel towards what you have given us. I see you as so abundantly generous in what you have given us during these months, and I have felt your loving heart on every step of this sacred feminine journey we have been on.

I “happened” to find you at a moment when I was going through a personal crisis. I tried to come out with myself but I had so many doubts about my abilities. It felt too difficult to go on the path of being an “entrepreneur”, I was lost. I’d been looking for so long for an elder, a wise woman. I stumbled upon your website online, or my Womb found you I feel, and when I read about the program, my heart busted out in a big yes! I don’t think I’ve felt as clear about something for as long as I can remember.

This has been a vision quest for me, where I’ve got to meet myself in a way I’d never imagined. The Shamanic Womb journeys have been transformational. I’ve felt like a little girl listening to fairytales and believing in magic, to a deep inner knowing that these journeys I’ve taken before for many lifetimes, but it was lost to me some incarnations ago.

I’ve deeply felt the truth of what Woman is carrying in her herstory and how it has affected her, I am that woman and it’s helped me understand Woman on a much deeper level. It feels like I’ve been holding a flower bouquet with flower buds, I’ve been looking down at them, knowing that this is the most beautiful bouquet ever imaginable. It’s been like being in a dream where I am trying to remember what I need to do in order for the flowers to bloom. Now I’ve learnt how to give them water, sun, fertiliser and love, and one by one they are starting to bloom into the most exquisite flower.

Most of all I am so grateful for the remembering, the recognising of all parts of me for who I truly am, and for Womb gnosis, being given the direct transmission from my Womb of the magnificence of being a woman.

From my heart to yours, I bow to you in deepest gratitude, I had never imagined I’d been given what I’ve been given on this apprenticeship, a journey back to love and wholeness in my body.

Love Jenny x “

Jenny ~ Sweden

” The Institute of Feminine Arts 9 Moon Apprenticeship training will take you on a deeply nourishing journey through many unique and ancient practices to meet and explore the sanctum of your innermost self. This nine-month apprenticeship is expertly crafted and impeccably held by the institute’s founder; Natalie Zukerman.

Nat’s 20+ years of experience shines in the wisdom she shares and the grounded, down-to-earth support she leads with. Nat and her team create an impeccably safe container for all who embark on this journey together, and provide a rich foundation from which to explore the many undiscovered, forgotten and hidden aspects of the relationships with yourself, your ancestors, partner, family and the world at large.

The journey is deep, and the women who attended brought a beautiful diversity of life experience which enriched the group and truly led to a feeling of being part of an eclectic, global feminine mystery school. Nat will teach you new ways to connect to the sacred path of time-honoured women’s work, the practices will support you to heal and honour your womb and heart.

You’ll learn new and exciting ways to connect with your creative essence and how to integrate your intuition, embody your womb-wisdom, enjoy your sexuality and listen to your deepest longings. The apprenticeship holds you safely and guides you gently as you commit to retrieving the gifts of self-love and awakening in wonderful company, with expert guidance, and in the loving embrace of the feminine. “

Annie Klein ~ UK

” The 9-moon apprenticeship was a transformational deep-dive into profound healing, through the awakening of my feminine portals of consciousness.
Nat’s teachings and support guided me into the wisdom of my own womb-space in a loving, nurturing virtual “temple”.
I now know that my womb-space holds my deepest wounds and also my truest divine magic. I was given much-treasured tools and insights to navigate my womb awakening experience. This was guided beautifully by Nat through a series of feminine body practices, creative expressions and confronting shadow work.
The curriculum is offered in spirals over 9 moon cycles. This is truly a time of gestation. Whilst the body of work is extremely comprehensive, it is by no means overwhelming and fits easily into a typical daily schedule. To traverse this journey within a global sisterhood is extremely powerful and supportive.
This apprenticeship truly opened a vortex within and without – my life changed immensely through doing this work. When combined with Nat’s in-person retreat, it gave me the strength to step fully into my power and discover my true calling. “

Nicola ~ UK

” Im forever grateful that the universe has lead me to this work with the beautiful Nat Love.
I have always had a deep desire to support women to connect in with their true essence, and I have participated in workshops both as a participant and crew support, prior to finding the Institute of Feminine Arts.
It was always a powerful and amazing experience, but when I trained with Nat I realised what was missing for me.
The safe, soft , loving and nurturing space that Nat holds, and you feel her wisdom flow from a place of complete love and she meets you where your at. I highly recommend any of the courses that Nat teaches to anyone who is searching for a deeper, inner connection with themselves and then to impart that wisdom to other women through the vibration of love.

Tan xxxx “

Tanya ~ Australia

” The 9 moon apprenticeship is a profound and magical journey that takes you into the depths of your being to reclaim and remember your power, wisdom and love in an embodied way. Nat is an amazing mentor and spaceholder, always ready to receive us with arms & heart wide open, always willing to answer our questions. Her passion, expertise, love, care and devotion are deeply felt throughout all that she offers and will carry you throughout these 9 moons in a way that is so gentle yet deeply empowering. Thank you, Nat.
I also want to take time to THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart for your loving space holding, you are an inspiration. And for taking the time to respond to all my questions. I look forward to continuing learning from you.

With love & gratitude,
Tinne “

Tinne ~ Belgium

” The 9 Moon Apprenticeship has been a portal to rediscover and remember the wisdom that lies within my mind, body, and soul. The practices have supported me in connecting to the power of my Womb and in reclaiming my sovereignty on the Divine Feminine path. The spirals guided me into the depths of the underworld, to the heights of the celestial realms, and rooted me to the core of Gaia.

The circle of women was held in a beautiful, vulnerable, and safe container by the facilitator Nat. Our unique, individual journeys led way to deep, transformative, and magical healing processes of the collective feminine wounds. Shadows were brought to light, the darkness was met with unconditional love, treasures and gifts were found in the pain.

The Apprenticeship is truly a path for returning all to love and innocence through the Great Mother. All parts of me have begun to awaken from journeying into my Womb space, into the Black void of death and rebirth, reminding me of the natural Life/Death/Life cycles that spark the creative fires and passions within. My soul has been longing to return to the ancient mystery schools for my evolution and this apprenticeship is a deep dive into the path of the Priestess. I am so grateful for this experiential course, Thank you, Nat, and to all who made this path possible!

Briana x “

Briana ~ USA

” This apprenticeship is a magical transformational journey that has taken me through deep layers of myself, allowing me to see and make sense of patterns, feelings and events in my life. Despite being online, there was such sisterhood energy in our circle that I always felt held and safe, I could open myself completely knowing there was no judgment but only love and support. I have reconnected with myself in a way that allows me to embody more of the Divine Feminine I am, not afraid to show the gifts I hold. Nat is an amazing experienced teacher who is always available to help and share her knowledge. She shows up in a very transparent way rather than hiding behind an image. She truly embodies what she preaches. “

Betty Mezzarano ~ ITALY

” The 9-Moon Apprenticeship is a must- take experience for every woman who wants to live up to her full potential. I can’t imagine that I could have left life on this planet without having some of the revelations I had during the apprenticeship. Yes, they were that profound! The space was held in a beautiful, grounded, wise and knowledgeable way by Nat. The presence of the sisters in the circle was a big support. It was encouraging not only to express but also to listen, witness and sometimes go beyond my limits. During the apprenticeship, I’ve opened up to unexpected connections with spirits/ high vibrational beings that I was longing to connect to. It just happened naturally when the blockages within me started to dissolve with the apprenticeship. The different spirals helped to be truly and deeply more comfortable in my skin which had a direct impact on my relationship. Some aspects of my sacred relationship started immediately to heal. Which is just awesome.

With such a deep work with the right teacher, my vibrational reality changed which obviously attracted the events and the right type of healing that I need right now on my path; I can say that all my inner work journey is getting more profound and more flowing.

Thank you so much. “

Mai ~ Egypt

” I felt very inspired by the 9 Moon Womb Awakening. It was exactly what I was looking for, a course with practices and contemplations that allow me to deepen and actually experience how the womb and her wisdom is enfolding into the daily life experience.

I have learned many precious things and connected deeper with my tender yoni flower. So beautiful and I am very grateful.
I discovered this feminine way of transmission and teaching through images, feelings, stories, sounds and I am very much inspired to integrate this energy into my own way of teaching and I see how much especially woman begin to resonate and feel drawn to discover more.

Again such deep gratitude for the scholarship you offered to me! Thank you! “

Gesine Leicht ~ France

” It was a beautiful experience for me. Thank you for Nat generosity and for all the women who shared this journey with me. A lot of information to integrate. It was my first step in the feminine journey so a lot of new things and so incredible; I know it s just the beginning of the journey Look forward to returning next year. “

Julie ~ Portugal

November 23, 2020

” The apprenticeship made me connect to my womb, discover she is there and how to ground her. Also I discovered an intuitive mentor in myself. I am forever grateful. “

Isa ~ Belgium

November 26, 2020

” These 9 months have been so beautiful and transformational. I have felt the cultivation of a deeper trust in life and broadened my lenses of how I experience “reality”. I’m deeply grateful for this journey and all of the ways that words don’t even match what was experienced. The path of love – it feels has been my path for always, since always. My shamanic understanding of myself and life has become more and more whole. More embracing of the many ways to be in this dimension. I am so deeply grateful for you, for your sharing, your support, your love and for this divine experience. The courage of women never ceases to amaze me. We are truly magnificent.
Thank you, I send you immense blessings for your journey ahead

Anastasia “

Anastasia Borserio ~ QLD, Australia

” Thank You Nat for being a shining star. I have allowed the light of this work to penetrate deep layers of my soul. The unfolding is continuing to happen every day.

So much love

Amy “

Amy ~ Mexico

” Beautiful Nat, I would like to acknowledge all of your hard work and your generosity throughout this whole 9 months of experience. I truly honour the gift that you are and what this is for humanity.. biggest love and gratitude to you beautiful sister! “

Mandi Nelson ~ Perth, Australia

” Dearest Nat, Thanks so much for 9-Moon Apprenticeship and Womb Awakening facilitation training. Over the past few years, I have been suffering from stress, burnout, adrenal fatigue, feelings of lack and overall going around in circles with my life, motherhood and my purpose. I have been going to so many workshops, hired the coaches, gone on retreats and read a ton of books.

It wasn’t until I discovered womb awakening with you and decided to the Womb Awakening practitioner training that I finally feel a sense of trust, balance, clarity, motivation, abundance, self-love and purpose in my life and business. So many opportunities are arising for me which I’m just so grateful for. I’ve come back home to me. My womb. My soul. I look forward to where the Womb Awakening will take me and sharing it with the women in my community.

Thanks again,

Melissa Ayling x “

Melissa Ayling  ~ Perth, Australia

” This is likely the most exquisite training that one can find. Created with so much love and care, this course is deeply soul-nourishing and incredibly transformative! I felt like I spend 9 months living in a fairytale. Thank you ever so much Nat for guiding us with so much love on this journey of transformation. “

Lana Herber ~ Germany

” The 9 moon apprenticeship is such a profoundly deep and potent journey of self discovery and feminine embodiment that unravels you to the core in the most subtle and feminine of ways. The course content is so intricately woven to take you deep into your feminine realms, to meet what needs healing, to rediscover your passion and pleasure and embody your creative potential.

It’s one of the biggest commitments I’ve ever made to really meeting and healing myself and wow! What a transformational journey, it truly was life changing in many aspects. It was such a pleasure to be guided by Nat’s voice each day and to be so held and supported by Nat and a community of sisters in the online temple.

Thank you for this gift to the world, this work continues to guide me in my relationship to self, to the the divine, to life, relationships with others, to healthy sexuality and union with my beloved. “

Gemma Rose ~ Australia, QLD

” For the last 9+ months, I’ve been journeying with the Institute of Feminine Arts and I’ve recently come back from their 7 Day Womb Awakening Retreat in Queensland. The 7 day retreat was a full embodied experience that was filled with feminine practices, ancient teachings and ceremony and held by Nat and her co-facilitators with love, power and full commitment to all the women in circle.

Personally, throughout the week I became aware of my deepest woundings and blocks that were holding me back from my true power as a woman. As I began to unravel, I knew I was fully supported by Nat and the circle of women. Each day and practice led me deeper into an understanding of myself and the forgotten wisdom that lies within my womb. The whole week was a journey I will never forget. I felt seen, loved and held and I have the utmost respect for Nat and her work. At the end of the week I felt such a deep inner knowing and power that I honestly have never felt before. I truely felt tha I have found my purpose in continuing this work. I am so grateful my soul led me to Nat and The Institute of Feminine Arts, and I look forward to continuing my journey with Nat in her Womb Hara course. “

Mariee Russel ~ Perth, Australia


” There are really no words to describe the power of the Womb Awakening Facilitator Training retreat, but we can try. From the very beginning I felt so safe in the temple space led by Nat. The practices were structured in such a way that allowed me to completely dismantle any armour and truly come home to myself, to experience a deep remembering. During breath work and movement practices I met my primal power. I had never experienced it in that way, it was so deep and true that I know this feeling will never leave me. I experienced states of absolute bliss and channeled a love so pure it still brings tears to my eyes. I connected to my souls lineage. I truly experienced an internal shift. One of the most healing aspects of the retreat was connecting with all of the beautiful like-minded women, creating deep life long connections, and reminding me I’m very much not alone on this path. I cannot thank Nat enough for the space they held over this retreat. My highest value in life and especially in this work is integrity and authenticity, and these women have it. Could not recommend highly enough. “

Brooke May ~ Australia


” I’m truly and deeply impressed how the womb awakening with Nat from the Art of feminine Institute changed my life. I loved every moment and every spiral. The apprenticeship course and the retreat deepen and anchored the connection with the Divine Mother and Gaia the womb of creation. I engaged the journeys and the physical practices with devotion and learnt to be more consistent and resilient. I loved each ceremonies that made this year so sacred and Divine.

The retreat was the cherry on the top of the pie. A great embodiment of what it is Womb Awakening and growth within a strong and womb-heart felt Sisterhood. The power of our vulnerability and sharing made our grief transmute into collective power, the power of love, so infinite and so pure. Together we felt love pouring from the Divine Mother, together we felt the power of our dragons protectors. Together we re-birthed ourselves in this world with a profound meaning of what love is. Together we re-birthed into the grace and purity of Love and felt the strength of our inner power. We learnt how to ignite our fire and make it bigger and radiate it to the Wombverse.

With the womb awakening I have reclaimed my self-love and self-importance and my gifts as Womb spirit keeper motivated my mission and purpose in this wonderful life.

Thank you Nat, I love you, All is love! “

Giada ~ NSW, Australia