About Womb Awakening

Womb Awakening is reconnecting with your Wild Feminine essence and the deep wisdom that she holds. Womb Awakening is about merging with the Cosmic Womb of Creation and the Web of Life and the deep remembrance of who we truly are. It is a powerful path to Sacred Feminine embodiment. It is a reclamation of innocence, love and devotion.

The womb essence is a reflection of creation, which births all that is. We are all born through the womb of woman and all our creations are in turn birthed from that sacred space.

The womb is a gateway – a portal to the deeper worlds which honour the cycles of life, death and rebirth. She is the bearer of renewal and dissolution. Birth and death reflected in the moon cycles are spoken about by the ancient blood of women. Our womb has the power to release that which no longer serves us. Her role is to clear away the old and create space for the new. Her inspiration is to be the essential healer of ancient woundings in order to release her infinite love.

Infused in the magic of the body’s wisdom, her role is to be a powerful Spirit Guide and Oracle. Our womb is a gateway to our primal instinctual self. Our pelvis – which is shaped as a downward triangle is also known as our Sacred Chalice, and embodies our feminine essence.

The essential journey of womb Awakening is to rebirth the ancient and infinite story of feminine embodiment that is now re-emerging through our human body.  In the ancient times, the womb of a woman was worshipped and revered as a sacred deity.

However,  patriarchy objectified her purpose and her  power was lost. Our womb is a powerful centre to heal the masculine and the feminine and their relationship with one another. She is a sacred gateway from which our sexual life force flows, and a bridge to re-weave the feminine and masculine back into sacred union. We are birthing this frequency once again, activating these codes of creation that reside within us.

Humanity has experienced over 5000 years of patriarchy which has caused many generations of trauma and abuse to be passed down through the lineages. This has made people become disconnected from the earth, the web life and their body’s own wisdom.

Take a moment right now and put your hands on your womb with love and tenderness and just feel her. What pleasure and soulful nourishment does she need? Our bodies offer the deepest love and desire this return. The human form is an integral part of the web of life, just as wild and alive as the earth and her creatures.

Our body’s wisdom and consciousness strongly resides in the womb and yoni, and it is through connecting to the sacred grail gates (energy centres) in these areas that we can effectively dismantle and release any generational trauma held here. This births a new experience of living, and opens the body to experience its life force and primordial creative Shakti energy.

Our Wombs can hold trauma and ancient memories. As we enter the temple of our body we begin to bring awareness to this sacred gateway and have the ability to move any stuck and stagnant energy that may reside there. As we spiral through these depths and layers within our bodies, with awareness we start to clear and release old energy and patterns that do not serve us anymore.  In doing so, we begin to awaken and ignite our feminine essence. We can then open into deeper love, into pleasure, and abundance in our life’s journey and relationships.

Within the Healing Journey of Womb Awakening, we immerse ourselves in many different aspects of the Creative Feminine Arts which include: Sacred body prayers, Dance, movement, Divine feminine chanting, Guided shamanic journeys, Womb Grief Rituals, Ancient feminine healing practices, Shamanic crafting, Deep self-love and inquiry and much more.

On this path-way we can reweave our consciousness and re connect to the innate love that dwells within us. A way of opening into sacred union, where we honour both woman and men, the masculine and feminine within our own being and within our relationships with all that is.

This is a path of softness, love and devotion that calls forth and holds our soul essence as it gently blooms. We don’t need gurus to peel our petals open, we simply need to return home to our sacred selves. Like the Tree of Life, our body is a vessel deeply rooted within our mother earth, with our spirit infinitely connected to the heart of creation, allowing true embodiment in the here and now.