9 Moon Apprenticeship Course: January 11th, 2024

12 Monthly Payments

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This Womb Awakening Apprenticeship is held annually. The next one starts on the New Moon, January 22nd, 2023.  For 9 months we journey together in a modern-day Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries together to bring healing, vision, ecstasy, embodiment and renewal to our lives. We cycle through these 9 Moons/9 Months together in a safe and loving container of sisters in a private and facilitated Womb Circle.

During this deep, experiential immersion we travel through 9 Wisdom-Spirals of the Womb Mysteries – to awaken and embody the power of the Divine Creatrix, lived fully in our lives, our bodies, our sexuality, our relationships, and our sacred vocation.

This program is a comprehensive education in the Feminine Wisdom traditions, providing a nurturing modern mystery school environment for spiritual initiation, personal healing, and sacred vocation.