Womb Awakening 7-Day Facilitator Training Bali

July 14th – 21st, 2024

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Are you Called to enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts?

We invite you to join us for a 7-Day Womb Awakening Facilitators Training Retreat in the luscious feminine surrounds of Bali, for an intensive feminine soul-awakening & enchanted journey into the magical feminine arts of healing and womb-centred embodiment.

Our time together will be deeply embodied, giving you a living imprint of a feminine way of being – accompanied by sacred womb practices, sound healing, dance, ceremony, shadow alchemy, breathwork, and transformational explorations to awaken and activate your Shakti.

We do have payment plans available, so if you cannot pay upfront please contact us personally so we can organise a plan to suit you. This is a 7-day live-in retreat and all-inclusive of meals, accommodation, course manual and training. This retreat is a comprehensive Facilitator Training retreat and will be in class 9.30am to 9.30pm daily (with breaks in between).

Please email: to register and receive an application form as this is necessary before purchasing the course. Please note that all products have an added 10% GST on checkout, this applies to Australian residents only. 

” I will be forever grateful that the universe has lead me to this work with the beautiful Nat Love.
I have always had a deep desire to support women to connect in with their true essence, and I have participated in workshops both as a participant and crew support, prior to finding the Institute of Feminine Arts.
It was always a powerful and amazing experience, but when I trained with Nat I realised what was missing for me.
The safe, soft, loving and nurturing space that Nat holds, and you feel her wisdom flow from a place of complete love and she meets you where you’re at. I highly recommend any of the courses that Nat teaches to anyone who is searching for a deeper, inner connection with themselves and then to impart that wisdom to other women through the vibration of love. “

Tanya Dale

November 10, 2020

” I would like to express my gratitude and love for you Nat and the very potent beautiful life-changing experience you provided me while on the retreat. I adore the beautiful essence that you poured into this sacred container I felt so held and loved the entire time. I’ve walked away with truly knowing thy self more and with more knowledge more love in my beating vessel I’ve come home more whole and while on retreat the healing that happened was amazing ♥️ 

Also a big Thankyou to Ishwari, having her Devine grandmother energy there was just perfect, it wrapped me in a warm blanket the entire time.

Nat, I look forward to learning more from you this year on the 9 moon Apprenticeship and hopefully years to come. Your work is truly Devine  

Many blessings beautiful sister ♥️ 
Abi “

Abigail McGrath ~ Mackay, Australia

October 16, 2021

” I have never felt a more potent emotional letting go than I did when I experienced Womb Pulsing. This emotional release was not linked to any particular traumatic or emotional experience but was, what I can only describe as, a complete releasing of ALL that I had been carrying in my mind & body for most of my 53 yrs of life. It was a deep seated purging that welled up inside of me & came pouring out, that once finished, left me feeling a deep state of love & peace that I carried for a very long time.

To witness this innate relationship that my womb has with me is truly magical. It has given me a deeper level of connection to my body than I ever could have imagined possible. Thank you so much Nat, womb pulsing was just one powerful aspect of other hugely powerful experiences at your Womb Awakening Facilitator Training and combined it was an experience I will never forget.”

Christine Lloyd

September 11, 2022